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Building Resilient Children

A parent’s natural inclination to protect their children is easily understood. Ensuring relief from stressors, helping them avoid failure, and eliminating whatever adversity may hinder their happy development are assured goals of any well-meaning parent. But, while such actions are valuable and can accomplish what is hoped for, they each only offer short-term benefits and in reality, stand to create even greater adversity than what was to be avoided. Most certainly, they decrease the likelihood that children will develop the valuable tools necessary that could enhance their ability to overcome challenges in the future ... read more

The Untold Value of Summer Routine

The last twelve months have demanded that each of us practice flexibility, and act in ways that are more different than ever before. As a result, I have little doubt that most parents will welcome summer and the chance to relax just a little. It goes without saying that children will welcome it too, and most assuredly if they’ve spent the last year or more experiencing online school and/or mom or dad at the front of their classroom ... read more

Supporting A Child’s Social And Emotional Health

The importance of supporting a child’s social and emotional health cannot be overstated. It is in many respects key to ensuring her readiness for all endeavors — whether they be school, familial, or team-based activities. At the heart of Montessori education, our support is given to the development of the child’s self. You also play a primary role in this critical work ... read more

Open House

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