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The program delivered at Montessori School of Maui is based on the observations and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and is designed to meet a child’s individual needs while also developing their whole being.  MOMI is well designed to support and develop the child’s intellectual, social and emotional needs.  Dr. Montessori's strong belief in the need to "follow the child" is highly valued in the school’s culture and shapes the mission and values that exist in the greater community.

Montessori’s research and findings encourage the development of a balance between activity that blends physical movement with mindful challenge. As children succeed from the first sub-plane to the next, there are notable shifts in temperament, discernment, reasoning, adaptability, and immersion with adult social life. The world-view shifts from immediacy of the self/group to the community/world. Throughout this time the children are guided in their social organization, self-expression, moral growth, dexterity with language, numeracy and application, and comprehensive exposure to the sciences.

We are committed to providing an academically challenging curriculum in an emotionally nurturing environment for the children it serves.  The curriculum offerings include language arts, mathematics, science and cultural studies, Spanish, art, vocal and instrumental music, creative movement, Hawaiian Studies, and Living Arts which occurs in the school garden.  Recent work on curriculum to ensure systematic process and alignment across levels and programs lends itself to ensuring child readiness within our comprehensive curriculum.

The program design is sensitive to various learning styles, student skills, and student needs. Our integrated, interdisciplinary matrix mirrors the real world wherein students follow their passions while stretching from a comfort zone to experience new challenge. Falling, errors, mistakes, failure, struggle, and hardships are inherent, inevitable parts of the human condition. The Montessori pedagogy does not intentionally design for any of these circumstances, but the teachers are fully prepared to face any such situation with any number of the students on an individual or group basis. In other words, the program is flexible and nimble.