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Resource Programs

Resource Programs


Students benefit from a rich program of fine arts and enrichment classes at MOMI.   These classes afford students a holistic education in the spirit of the Montessori pedagogy where the mind, body, and spirit are nourished.

Resource programs include: Visual Art, Hawaiian Studies, Garden and Earth Stewardship in the Living Classroom, Mindfulness practice, Physical Education (PE), Spanish, and Vocal, Instrumental, Dramatic & Creative Movement in partnership with the Maui Performing Arts Academy (MAPA). 

Primary students engage in the Living Classroom and Spanish.  As our students grow older and move into Lower Elementary, their studies expand to include all enrichment activities.

All programs run year-round with the exception of those taught by MAPA professionals, and some occur multiple times per week.  Each class is offered to enhance the experiences of students outside the regular classroom setting.  Collaboration between individual instructors occurs informally to better support the work of each across all disciplines.  Montessori-certified instructors, professionals within the field of study, or other interested professionals teach all programs.