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Meet the Teachers

Meet ouR Upper Elementary Teachers






Tevia joined MOMI in 2020 as a Teacher’s Assistant and Student Teacher in a lower elementary classroom. Tevia holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He completed his Elementary I & II training at Age of Montessori Teacher Education Center and holds both Lower and Upper Elementary Teacher credentials.

Tevia worked previously as a program director and skills instructor in San Diego, California with San Diego Jr. Gulls Ice Hockey Club but found his calling as a Montessori Guide when his son began at MOMI in 2019. He is a go-getter and insatiable practitioner of knowledge, forever looking to understand the science behind the Montessori method and child development to ensure the best and most-growth evoking educational experiences for his students and others.



Mackenzie Dickinson - LEAD GUIDE - Upper Elementary


Mackenzie is originally from Seattle, Washington and moved with her family to Maui in Summer 2022. A former teacher and division leader at an independent school there, she joined MOMI as the lead guide for Mathematics and Science in the Upper Elementary Program in 2023. Mackenzie holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on Adolescents and social-emotional development from Western Washington University.

Mackenzie began informal training in Montessori education in Summer 2023 and will begin her formal training in 2024. In her free time, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her family exploring Maui’s beaches and other hidden gems.