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Log your Parent Participation hours


How to log Parent Participation volunteer service hours via ParentsWeb:

  1. Log in to ParentsWeb here or through the homepage of our website.
  2. Enter District Code: MS-HI
  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. When your family page comes up, click on the FAMILY INFORMATION TAB on the left.
  5. As the Family Information Page comes up be sure to select the parent name you want to log hours for.
  6. Then click on the SERVICE HOURS TAB located between the CONTACT INFO TAB and the PREFERENCES TAB.
  7. Click on ADD SERVICE HOURS TAB at the top.
  8. Please select the date the hours were completed.
  9. Select a DESCRIPTION in the drop down box.
  10. Enter the amount of hours.
  11. Please write in the NOTE field the exact description and nature of your Service Hours.
  12. Lastly, in the VERIFIED BY field enter a staff member, teacher or PTO committee member that can verify your hours.

Mahalo for your support and participation in our community!

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