Robotics I Studio
with Instructor Jason Verkaart

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Printable Sign-Up Form

When: Fridays- 8 Sessions (Begins: Friday, January 10, 2014)

Location: Employee Lounge (Next to Toddler Class)

Time: 3:15pm to 5:15pm

Cost: $200.00

Ages: 9 and up

Description:  This studio will begin by covering simple physics and engineering concepts in order to ensure a base level of knowledge in these areas.

Some of the basics that will be covered are:

  • Electricity (AC, DC, Polarity, Voltage, Amperage, etc.)
  • Magnetism (polarity, and how it relates to electricity)
  • Electric Motors, and how they work (with above concepts)
  • Simple Machines (levers, inclined planes, etc)
  • Gears of many types, and their uses

Each session will include a “lecture and discussion” portion followed by “Practical Lab” work.  Lab materials will be predominantly Lego based.  They include the latest “EV3” Mindstorms Lego Education Kits which include extremely powerful programming options.  The focus of this studio session will be on the physical aspects of building machines designed to move around an environment on their own.  The final project will be to create a drag racer.


All students will get exposure to some “real” robots, including both the hexapod units and flying multicopters.


“Intermediate” and “Advanced” classes will be offered during future studio sessions.

Please contact jasonverkaart@gmail.com for more information.

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Please note:

1. Please send a nutritious snack for your child to enjoy.

2. Classes are based on a minimum enrollment of  children to be determined by the instructor

3. Children not picked up at the end of the club session will be sent to the Extended Day Program with an additional charge of $5 an hour, unless the child already is enrolled in Extended Day on a monthly basis.

4. Non-Montessori students may participate in studios with permission from the instructor; special waivers will need to be completed.