Internal Communication

Every Office and Classroom:

  • Can hear the fire alarm when sounded
  • Can hear the other alarms when sounded
  • Can push a button on their alarm keypad by their door that will signal the alarm company to call the police or the fire department

The Following Locations:

Main office, Business Office, Plumeria Classroom, Jacaranda Classroom, Monkeypod Classroom, Banyan Classroom and Koa Classroom

  • Has a portable battery/crank radio with charged batteries – if needed, tune to one of the civil defense channels noted on the back of the radio.
  • Classrooms/Offices with radios are responsible for keeping their neighboring classrooms informed if possible.
    • Main Office informs Maintenance and Development
    • Business Office informs Ohia Classroom, Art and Library
    • Plumeria informs Kukui Classroom
    • Jacaranda informs WiliWili Classroom
    • Monkeypod informs Nara and Kamani Classroom
    • Banyan informs Mamane and ‘Iliahi Classroom
    • Koa informs anybody in Root Family Center (RFC)

Parent Communication

All employees will receive instructions from the Emergency Management Team (EMT) on how parents will be contacted and what they will be told when contacted in the event of an emergency. The MOMI Emergency Management Team will instruct employees as to what information is to be released to parents. 

Media Communications

All communication with the media will come from the Head of School or the President of the Board of Directors.