Elementary Gymnastics Studio
with Maui Tumblers
Printable Sign-Up Form

****Contact Melissa at

to be sure a space is
reserved for your child.**** 

When:  Fridays- 8 Sessions (Session Begins: January 11, 2013)
Location:  Root Family Center (RFC)
Time:  3:15pm to 4:05pm
Ages:  Lower Elementary
Cost:  $105

Call Melissa at 808-205-7922 to reserve space for your child!

Maui tumblers is a mobile gymnastics company that brings their gymnastics equipment and coaching skills directly to your school.

Every week, your child can participate in a gymnastics class consisting of warm up and stretching, skills review, new skill activity, obstacle course and conditioning.

Please visit the Maui Tumblers website for more information about this program.

Please note:

1. Please send a nutritious snack for your child to enjoy.

2. Classes are based on a minimum enrollment of  children to be determined by the instructor

3. Children not picked up at the end of the club session will be sent to the Extended Day Program with an additional charge of $5 an hour, unless the child already is enrolled in Extended Day on a monthly basis.

4. Non-Montessori students may participate in studios with permission from the instructor; special waivers will need to be completed.