/files/Famous Montessori People/Maria Montessori.jpg

Famous People Who Were Montessori Students

/files/Famous Montessori People/Joshua Bell.jpg Joshua Bell, Musician

/files/Famous Montessori People/Jeff Bezos.jpg  Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com

/files/Famous Montessori People/David Blaine.jpg David Blaine, Magician

/files/Famous Montessori People/T. Berry Brazelton.jpg T. Berry Brazelton, Author

/files/Famous Montessori People/Sergey Brin and Larry page.jpg  Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google Founders

/files/Famous Montessori People/Julia Child.jpg  Julia Child, Celebrity Chef and Author

/files/Famous Montessori People/George Clooney.jpg  George Clooney, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Sean Combs.jpg  Sean Combs, Media Mogul

/files/Famous Montessori People/Kami Cotler.jpg  Kami Cotler, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Joan Cusack.jpg  Joan Cusack, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/John Cusack.jpg  John Cusack, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Peter Drucker.jpg  Peter Drucker, Management Guru

/files/Famous Montessori People/Dakota Fanning.jpg  Dakota Fanning, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Anne Frank.jpg   Anne Frank, Author

/files/Famous Montessori People/Melissa Gilbert..jpg  Melissa Gilbert, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Sarah Gilbert.jpg  Sarah Gilbert, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Katharine Graham.jpg  Katharine Graham, Former Washington Post Owner and Editor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Friedensreich Hundertwasser.jpg  Friedensreich Hunertwasser, Artist

/files/Famous Montessori People/Helen Hunt.jpg  Helen Hunt, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Gabriel Garcia Marquez.jpg  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize Winner

/files/Famous Montessori People/Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.jpg  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Former First Lady and Editor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Princes William and Harry.jpg  Prince William and Prince Harry

/files/Famous Montessori People/Lea Salonga.jpg  Lea Solanga, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Jimmy Wales.jpg  Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder

/files/Famous Montessori People/Will Wright.jpg  Will Wright, Sims Designer

Famous Parents Who Chose Montessori Education for Their Children

/files/Famous Montessori People/Patty Duke Austin.jpg  Patty Duke Austin, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/John Bradshaw.jpg  John Bradshaw, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Yul Brenner.jpg  Yul Brenner, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Cher.jpg  Cher, Actor/Singer

/files/Famous Montessori People/Bill and Hillary Clinton.jpg  Bill Clinton (Former U.S. President) and Hilary Clinton (Secretary of State)

/files/Famous Montessori People/Michael Douglas.jpg  Michael Douglas, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Shari Lewis.jpg  Shari Lewis, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Willie Nelson.jpg  Willie Nelson, Musician

/files/Famous Montessori People/Gordon and Tana Ramsay.jpg  Gordon Ramsay (Celebrity Chef and Author) and Tana Ramsay (Cookbook Author and Montessori Teacher)

/files/Famous Montessori People/David Robinson.jpg  David Robinson, Athlete

/files/Famous Montessori People/Susan St. James.jpg  Susan St. James, Actor

/files/Famous Montessori People/Yo Yo Mama.jpg  Yo Yo Ma, Musician

Famous Supporters of Montessori Schools

/files/Famous Montessori People/Alexander Graham Bell.jpg  Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor 
Alexander Graham Bell and his wife helped establish the first Montessori Class in the United States and they provided financial support to Maria Montessori.

/files/Famous Montessori People/Thomas Edison.jpg  Thomas Edison, Scientist/Inventor 
Thomas Edison helped found a Montessori School.

/files/Famous Montessori People/Jean Piaget.jpg  Jean Piaget, Psychologist/Author
Jean Piaget made his first observations in a Montessori school and was head of the Swiss Montessori Society for many years.

/files/Famous Montessori People/Fred Rogers.jpg  Fred 'Mister' Rogers, TV Personality
Fred Rogers was a strong supporter of Montessori Education.

/files/Famous Montessori People/Woodrow Wilson.jpg  Woodrow Wilson, Former President of the U.S.
Woodrow Wilson's daughter was a Montessori teacher.  There was also a Montessori Classroom located in the White House during President Wilson's presidency.