The following policy has been established to provide for the health and safety of Montessori School of Maui students, faculty, staff, and visitors; for the protection, efficient use, and enjoyment of the MOMI’s property; and for the responsible management and operation of the school.

Beyond the obvious concerns for personal welfare and property maintenance, it is hoped that this policy will foster an atmosphere where all can enjoy the campus in a comfortable and relaxed setting. 

  • Pets/animals are only allowed on the campus for school authorized purposes such as classroom sharing or a teacher planned learning experience.
  • In all cases authorization by the Business Office will be obtained by the teacher in advance.
  • While on school property the pet/animal must be on a leach, in a cage and/or under the owner's control at all times.
  • The owner must also have a means to clean up after the pet, specifically; the owner shall possess the means of removal of any fecal matter left by the pet/animal.  Cleanup should be thorough enough so as to generate no additional work for the maintenance staff or inconvenience members of the MOMI community or visitors.


 This policy does not apply to registered service animals.