The Montessori School of Maui promotes the Montessori principles of earth stewardship through a holistic educational philosophy that incorporates awareness of ecology and recycling. The heart of Dr. Montessori’s work embraces an integrated indoor and outdoor curriculum that teaches appreciation, respect and learning to care for the earth.  As a school community, we demonstrate our commitment to earth stewardship by reducing, reusing, recycling, and avoiding the use of chemicals harmful to our environment.  MOMI strives to have a campus that is respectful of nature and the natural world.


Below are the steps we take to ensure that we keep our campus green:

  • Provide students, staff, and parents with the educational tools necessary to become earth friendly.
  • Provide obvious recycling opportunities for glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to reduce, reuse, and recycle paper effectively.
  • Use recycled and post-consumer recycled paper products whenever possible.
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate non-recyclable Styrofoam and plastic products.
  • Reduce the use of paper napkins and paper towels whenever possible.
  • Establish an energy conservation plan for each classroom.
  • Promote the use of energy saving products whenever possible.
  • Establish a no littering standard for the school.
  • Promote the use of reusable lunch containers.
  • Promote the practice of composting scraps for the garden.
  • Promote the growing of plants in the classrooms.
  • Promote the use of environmentally safe cleaning products.
  • Achieve a certified organic campus through the elimination of petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Promote the disposal of all waste generated by the school in environmentally appropriate ways.