In the primary classes, we like to maintain the ritual of recognizing your child's birthday in a manner that is meaningful to the group.

A day or two before the birthday, please send some photographs of your child including at birth, first birthday, second birthday, etc., as well as a couple of other special photos, if you wish. Take the time to write a few sentences about your child's likes and dislikes, favorite activities, or memorable experiences at each age.

Seeing the pictures and hearing the brief commentary helps the whole class to develop an understanding of growth and the meaning of birthdays.  Small nut cups, fruit kabobs, or popcorn are enjoyable birthday treats for primary and elementary students.  Your child may want to select a book to donate to the school as a birthday commemoration. Your child's teacher can assist you in the selection of a book that will enrich our library.  Montessori staff do not support elaborate birthday parties at school with special activities. Please distribute invitations to private birthday parties outside of school to avoid hurt feelings.