The use of assessments, screening and testing help to evaluate student progress toward age-appropriate learning goals in an atmosphere that fosters growth, promotes positive self-esteem and maintains the integrity of the Montessori program.  The Montessori School of Maui uses several assessment tools including individual standardized testing and formal and informal screenings.  Parents and/or teachers may request a screening for a child.  None of the assessments or screenings that are provided by the school are diagnostic.  Parents will be informed if an assessment provided for a child indicates the possibility for concern and will be asked to schedule a conference with the teacher and/or the Head of School.  Parents who seek outside services for their child are expected to keep the school informed by providing copies of assessments, screenings and/or testing results to the teacher for your child’s file.  Children who are or have been identified as learning challenged may be provided with a Student Educational Plan upon request by the parents.


These are examples of productive reasons for assessments:

  • To determine progression on developmental achievements
  • To detect special needs, learning and teaching challenges
  • To assist with curriculum, instructional and placement decisions
  • To help a child assess their own progress
  • To identify and understand student learning styles
  • To monitor educational trends