Students, parents and teachers meet formally twice a year for a Student Led Conference. Comprehensive evaluations of your child's progress in school are conducted on an ongoing basis throughout the year, and your child's teacher is prepared to sit down with you and discuss current concerns.  Written Progress Reports are provided for Fall and Spring in addition to the conferences.  These Progress Reports become a part of your child’s permanent academic record.


Conferences are an opportunity for our children to share their school experience and are vital to the educational process. It is your responsibility as a parent to participate in this exchange in order to enhance the educational experience of your child. As these conferences impart direct feedback and are integral to the continued educational growth of the child, both parents are expected to attend. Written progress reports will be distributed to each child's parents at the end of the year. The Head of School may sit in on Parent/ Teacher meetings.


Scheduled conferences involve approximately two hours of preparation time by the teacher and can be expected to last 30 minutes. We allocate two days for each conference period. The school will be closed on these days.


  • Childcare is available without charge for siblings of MOMI students only while their parents attend conferences.
  • The school is not able to offer childcare to toddler siblings of MOMI students or children who are not enrolled in our school.
  • Childcare is available for families who choose to leave their children at school for an additional hourly rate.
  • All children using Childcare on conference days must be checked in and out by a parent or guardian with the childcare attendants.