Driver Packet:  Parents will receive a Driver Packet from the student’s teacher or assistant teacher that includes:

1.    Volunteer Driver Application Form

2.    Guidelines for Chaperones and Drivers

3.    Volunteer Driver Request for Driver’s Abstract

Volunteer Driver Application Form: Please complete and return this form including copies of the required documentation to the Field Trip Coordinator/

Required Documentation:

1.   Driver’s License

2.  Certificate of Insurance (Parents will need to call their insurance company and request a copy of their Certificate of Insurance to be faxed to the school office.  The school office fax number is 808-573-0389.  It can take 24 to 48 hours to receive a fax from insurance companies so you will need to make this request on a timely basis.)

3.   Request for Driver’s Abstract

Volunteer drivers will not be allowed to drive students unless all documentation   listed above is on file in the office before the field trip.

Driver Abstract information must also be received and approved by the Business Manager before parents are approved as volunteer drivers.