Montessori School of Maui believes that parent involvement is fundamental to a thriving learning community and essential to your child’s developing a positive attitude towards learning.  Every family is required to contribute fifteen (15) hours of their time each school year to the Montessori School of Maui for Parent Participation, as stated in your enrollment agreement.

Students whose families do not complete their fifteen (15) hours of Parent Participation Service per school year will be placed back on the Prospective Student List for the next school year and may not be considered for re-enrollment until the service hours have been fulfilled.

  • Montessori School of Maui families are provided a “Parent Participation Form” each year on which to indicate their preference as to how the wish to contribute their hours.
  • Parents are responsible for scheduling and completing their fifteen (15) hours of participation.
  • Parent choices may need to be changed to ensure the success of the events/activities that have been scheduled throughout the school year.
  • Parents are responsible to report their parent participation hours through MOMI’s website: www.momi.org or by calling the Main Office directly at (808)573-0374.
  • You may be contacted to help by the Development Office, chairs of specific committees, a room parent, a teacher, or office staff.
  • You needn’t wait to be contacted; information regarding upcoming events can be found in The Montessori Weekly which is emailed to families on a weekly basis and archived on our website www.momi.org.
  • Parents may also contact their child’s teacher to receive individual classroom event information or check the bulletin board located outside each classroom.

Participation in fundraising efforts and sharing of your time, materials and/or skill help defray our expenses and enrich our resources. 

An important additional benefit to parent participation is that it validates that caring and contribution are the building blocks of citizenship.  Children who see their parents participating at their school begin to understand the subtleties of human interactions and to find the joy that comes from working with others to accomplish a task.  In this way parents transmit ideas and values that words themselves cannot convey.  This validates the child’s natural generosity and conveys that education is important to the parent.