Montessori instruction is individualized to meet the needs of each student.  Montessori education is appropriate for many children with special needs; however, each case must be evaluated individually.  In some situations where extensive staff, materials or alterations to the physical plant would be required to meet a child’s needs, that child would not be admitted to the school.


  • The regular admissions process will be followed including an assessment of the child’s developmental needs.  We require a statement from the child’s doctor regarding any physical or medical limitations, which may affect the child’s ability to participate safely and productively in the MOMI program.  Statements from other professionals may be required as well.
  • Throughout the school year the Head of School, staff and parents will continue to evaluate whether the program is meeting the child’s needs.
  • Montessori teachers are not specialists in teaching children with special needs.  Costs of any services the regular staff cannot provide are not included in tuition.  Arrangements for such additional services during school hours must be made through the school.  If needed services are not readily available or cannot effectively be accommodated within the MOMI structure, parents will be informed of the need for a comprehensive Individualized Educational Plan to be formulated via the State Department of Health and Department of Education Felix-Waihee Decree.