The intent of the school is to place children in a learning environment that supports their developmental level. Children will advance from one level to the next based upon the appropriate stage of development and not based strictly upon age. Learning Foundations for each level have been established based upon the Montessori curriculum and philosophy and public school grade level academic standards.  All questions of preparedness of students from other schools or within the MOMI community will be directed to the Head of School.  The school makes the final decision for student placement, including level, advancement and teacher selection. The Head of School will make this decision with input from the student’s current teacher.

  • Standards of skills acquisition appropriate to class level (Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School) are established by the Head of School and will be utilized in evaluating students’ preparedness.
  • Staff providing information to parents related to preparedness will utilize the established foundations in identifying areas of accomplishment and deficit. Suggestions for specific support of students’ acquisition of skills will accompany any discussion of preparedness.
  • Children entering lower elementary class will have reached their sixth birthday by July 31st of the preceding summer. In addition, all students’ placements involve consideration of developmental readiness.