The Upper Elementary and Middle School students own and operate their own small businesses. Lessons involving real life experiences and particularly those that relate to money management are some of the most powerful, meaningful and unforgettable experiences for these students. They learn to calculate gross sales, cost of sales, and net income.  They apply for loans, calculate interest and write business proposals. The students gain skills, knowledge and experience in marketing, public relations, promotion, record keeping, problem solving, committee work, accountability, presentation and mathematics. They learn how to write checks, make cash deposits and withdrawals.


The children are encouraged to generate their own money-making ventures and the teachers look to include ideas that may come spontaneously from the students. Their ideas may be service or product oriented. Past and present products and services have included car washes, lemonade stands, T-shirt sales, craft sales, a farmer’s market, baked goods, book sales, hand-made soap sales, and hot lunch sales.  The bulk of the proceeds from these ventures support the classes’ off island field trips. In addition, each year the students choose to donate money to those in need.