The school must be an experience in the elements of social life. An environment created to assist the adolescent to achieve independence and to recognize that manual and intellectual work are equally essential for a civilized society. “  -Dr. Montessori

The Montessori Middle School program as outlined by Dr. Montessori is a response to the needs and psychological characteristics of the adolescent and revolves around understanding the ways in which one’s culture functions.

The adolescent needs to explore all aspects of society. Communicating, orienting to, classifying, and working within the community are all integral to an adolescent’s healthy development.  Community service, apprenticeships, and work on the land, supported by a solid academic foundation, provide the gateway to the development of the personality and social organization.

Dr. Montessori divided the syllabus into 3 parts:


1.  The opening of ways of expression

a. Free choice in all kinds of artistic occupations including: music, dance, theater and art

b. All types of creative writing including: prose, poetry, and journaling

2. The fulfillment of the fundamental needs that we believe to be the formative forces in the development of the human spirit

a. Moral education

b. Mathematics: to understand the special forms of progress of our times

c. Languages: to establish understanding between peoples

3.  General education

a. The study of the earth and living things

b. The study of the building of civilizations and of human progress

c.   The study of the history of humanity