About the Program

Tuition Assistance at the Montessori School of Maui is awarded on the basis of financial need and student status.  Any family with limited income who has applied for their child to attend the Montessori school is eligible to apply for tuition assistance.  All applications are confidential.


How to Apply

Business Office Contact Information:

e-mail: cherylk@momi.org

Phone: (808)573-2706


Families who wish to apply to the Montessori School of Maui for tuition assistance are required to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement online through the School and Student Service, National Association of Independent School (NAIS).  All requirements and form due dates are posted on our website and in the Monday Memo. Applications must be completed online by the posted deadline.  School and Student Service make recommendations to the Montessori School of Maui for parental contributions to the annual tuition payment based upon the financial position of the individual family. Parents are required submit a copy of their previous year’s federal tax return by the requested due date to be consideration for assistance.  Parents may contact the Business Office for information.

  • Applicants are evaluated based upon the above criteria. Each year the amount of money to be distributed is determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee.
  • Funding proposals are sent to foundations and private donors annually requesting support for the Tuition Assistance program.  Each spring the amount of money provided by foundations, endowment, interest, fundraising and other means is calculated and the initial compiling of information begins.
  • Letters notifying the applicants of the committee’s determination and the tuition arrangements are sent to all applicants.
  • MOMI sends Annual Tuition Assistance reports to foundations and press releases are sent to the local papers.